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The Howlin' Gaels - Blues/Rock with a kick!

The Gaels began their musical journey over two decades ago in a remote town called Thurso in the Scottish Highlands, it was there that they raised a storm that was soon to be felt all across the UK and beyond.

The Gaels have toured almost constantly throughout their musical career, raisin' the rafters at some of Britain's most prestigeous venues and shakin' the very foundations of the blues as we know it.Their latest album "Lonely Road" saw a Howlin' Gaels who had become true masters of their music with well crafted tracks that would satisfy the most die hard blues and rock fans.

From humble beginnings this band has come to be one of Scotland's most respected musical talents, and will continue their musical quest across the UK from north to south and coast to coast.

2007 will mark a new and exciting chapter for the Caithness veterans of rock, and so the story continues and the music lives on. A live performance of the Howlin' Gaels is something everyone should experience and something nobody should miss, so turn your gaze to the North and brace yourself..The Howlin' Gaels are coming your way!


14th December - The Ferry Inn - Stromness

15th December - The Georgian Bar - Kirkwall

22nd December - Hootanany's - Inverness

31st December - Y-NOT Bar & Grill - Thurso
New Years Eve Gig!

Please check regulary for updates, watch this space!

If you are fans of MySpace and Bebo you can now meet the Gaels on both. Choose from the following link - MySpace - BeBo. Don't forget also to check out the Official Gaels message forum, follow the link in the main menu and you can talk with the band, just don't feed any of them as we can not be responsible for your welfare.

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